1. homemade sesame chicken, and this:

    ramona falls - i say fever

  2. 2009 marques de montanana granacha, described thus:

    the nose is the experience of taking a hayride through a fruit orchard, … [it] comes at you like a fruit roll-up express with red cherries…boysenberry sorbet, crushed marionberries and hints of red vines licorice, sweet tobacco and chinese hibiscus tea

    and this:

    josef suk - serenade for strings on 95.5 wgbh boston

  3. roast chicken with bacon and leek stuffing, the most delicious gravy ever, and this:

    the weeknd - glass table girls

  4. roasted sunchokes, and this:

    panda bear - slow motion

  5. grassy, with minerals and crisp citrus, and this:

    anthony griffith on the moth - best of times, worst of times

  6. black sea bass with smoked paprika, and this:

    merle haggard - train whistle blues

  7. potato soup with bacon and corn, and this:

    sidney lumet - dog day afternoon

  9. truffled turkey, garlic sage mashed potatoes, spinach gratin, broccoli casserole, oyster and olive stuffings, roasted cauliflower salad, brussels sprouts with caramelized shallots, and this:

    arlo guthrie - alice’s restaurant massacree